Class Actions

Campbell Law is actively involved in class action litigation. Through working relationships with other firms throughout the country, the firm is and has been involved in class actions in the courts of numerous states.

A class action is a lawsuit by one or a few plaintiffs on behalf of a large group that has been similarly mistreated by a defendant. Through a class action, it becomes economical to bring a suit that otherwise could not be brought. Where a defendant has improperly obtained a small sum of money from a large number of people, a class action allows a method by which all of the people may receive their money back.

In such cases, there is no fee if there is no recovery. If there is a recovery, the court determines the amount of the attorney’s fee and may order that it be paid from the recovery or as an additional payment by the defendant. Further, the plaintiffs who serve as class representatives may be awarded a class representative’s fee as determined by the court. The class representatives also receive the same money and other relief that all of the members of the class receive.

If you would like to be contacted by a member of the firm concerning a potential new class action or concerning any pending class actions please send an e-mail or phone the office.

Examples of class action litigation where the firm is or has been associated include the following:

Motor Vehicle Insurance – class actions against various insurance carriers concerning such conduct as the companies’ specification of non-original equipment body parts in repairing their insureds’ vehicles and the failure to pay for the diminished value of their insureds’ vehicles after repair.

Health Insurance Co-Pay Litigation – class actions against certain health insurance carriers/companies concerning deceptive and improper practices involving, among other things, the calculation of their insured’s co-payment obligations. (Several of these cases have been completed resulting in millions of dollars in refunds to consumers.)

Force Placed Insurance Litigation – class actions against lenders concerning deceptive practices in the placement of collateral protection insurance (property insurance). (Several cases have been concluded resulting in millions of dollars in refunds.)

Motor Vehicles – class actions against motor vehicle manufacturers concerning the design of equipment, safety and performance as well as diminished value.

Truck Bedliners –class actions compelling truck bedliner manufacturers to give warnings and fund an educational campaign concerning the dangers of static electricity causing a fire when flammable liquids are handled under certain circumstances in a truck equipped with a bedliner.

Insurance Practices – class actions against insurance carriers concerning sales, underwriting, reinsurance and advertising practices.

Improper Billing Practices – class actions involving the intentional adding on of false or improper charges or overcharging for goods or services.

Cruise Line Litigation – class actions against cruise lines alleging deceptive practices in the course of billing of passengers for “port charges”, advertisements, changes in itineraries and equipment failures.

Deceptive Sales Practices – class actions against various businesses alleging deceptive trade practices in regard to the sale of certain products.

Collection Practices – class actions against lenders and collection agencies concerning improper collection activities including violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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